Why we chose the year 1471 to portray


The year 1471 was a busy year for England

In the Wars of the Roses the year 1471 had several major events which changed everything, it was a very exciting year.

Time line of major events in the year of 1471:


March – Yorkist Edward IV secretly returns to England to reclaim the throne

April 14The Battle of Barnet, King Edward IV defeats the Lancastrian army led by Richard Neville, The 16th Earl of Warwick. Warwick and his younger brother John Neville, the 1st Marquess of Montagu are killed in the battle .

May 4The Battle of Tewkesbury, King Edward IV defeats the Lancastrian army led by Queen Margaret and her son Edward the Prince of Wales. The Prince of Wales is killed in the battle and Edmund Beaufort, the 4th Duke of Somerset is executed.

May 21King Henry VI is murdered while imprisoned, eliminating all Lancastrian opposition.

July 26 – Pope Paul II dies

August 9 – Pope Sixtus IV becomes the 212th Pope.