The English Archer


 “The English archer was not a peasant to be lorded over by the higher born and arrogant of the land; he was a freeman, a respected yeoman possessing a proud and dignified status. He exchanged his exceptional skill and talents with the six-foot yew stave for specified pay and terms of military service. That he was a powerful, muscular man was obvious – only the biggest and strongest of men could pull a hundred pounds and draw a full clothyard shaft to their ear. His background encouraged him to show  initiative and resource, so that, when the occasion demanded, he would drop his bow and nimbly lay to with sword, axe and the murderous five – foot maule or mallet.” ~Donald Featherstone, The History of the English Longbow 


Archers make up the majority of our group and we are trying to build as large a troop as we possibly can. The real Lord Grey, 7th Baron of Codnor controlled a  retinue of over 6,000 soldiers during the Wars of the Roses!

All of our male (and an occasional female) members portray archers either all the time or occasionally (as our scenario requires). Don’t worry if you do not fit the physical description above or shoot very well. None of us can easily draw the beautiful 100 pound bow we have for demonstration (though some are training to do so). Most of our new recruits have never shot an English Longbow and most members use a 40 to 60 pound bow.

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