Our Members

Stephen Albright


 Steve is the group's President, a founding member of Lord Grey’s Retinue and provides direction for the group on household and personal items.  

Portraying a Gentleman, the Cook or an Archer.

As a Gentleman, Stephen serves as Lord Grey’s Kitchener and he is responsible for the management of all foodstuffs for the household. He has several properties located mainly in Wessex and Devonshire and has a small manor near the household given to him by Lord Grey for exemplary service.


~ Steve enjoys spending as much time as he can with his awesome teenage daughter. He and Lara (aka Audrey Grenewell, below) are married and reside in Rahway, New Jersey . 

Audrey Grenwell, a servant


 Lara is the current Secretary of Lord Grey’s Retinue, manages the website & Facebook pages and provides direction for the group on textiles & clothing of the 15th century. 

Born the 3rd daughter from the second marriage of the local sheriff, Audrey had no dowry. She was placed in service within Lord Grey's household at a young age and is exceedingly grateful for it. Being a dutiful worker she has done well and is very proud of the high status position she has achieved within the household's servants. She considers herself most fortunate to have such kind employers.

~ A costume history enthusiast and collector Lara manages her own business and website LaraCorsets.com. She and Steve are married , have two dogs and reside in Rahway, New Jersey. 

William Tanner, an Archer


 Will provides direction for the group on arms and armour and assists with new recruits.

 William Tanner has never been a tanner, nor was his father John, who signed his indenture as an archer as soon as he took one whiff of the tanning vats. John did well in France, and survived long enough to sire sons and amass a bit of property. After he died at Castillon his sons followed in his footsteps, serving as soldiers themselves. Will’s older brother inherited enough to become a man at arms, but his younger brother Will can only afford to equip himself as an archer, and he’s served as one since the Wars began over ten years ago. Will is always looking for ways to better his place in the world, and Lord Grey’s generous cheese rations sounded pretty good, so he signed up and so far has not regretted it.

~ Will is married and lives in Maryland, where he helps develop software for cell phones and other devices . 

Alice, a Gentlewoman


 As a second daughter Alice expected to lead a life of contemplation in a convent until her sudden and fortuitous betrothal to Sir John Palmer, a minor knight. She is a religious and dutiful wife, but overly fond of fancy clothing.

~ Alexia is the in house appraiser and gemologist of a well  established jewelry company in Conneticut. She lives in New York City with her husband Mike. 

Michael, an Archer



(we need your Medieval bio Mike)

~ Mike works in software engineering and lives in New York City with his wife Alexia. 

Sonia, a servant


(we need your Medieval name and bio Sonia)

 ~ Sonia works in academic publishing at a major university and lives in Baltimore, MD

Our Recruits and Guest visitors



Nikki is a member of a fellow 15th century group (Squire's Camp). Sometimes we get lucky and she joins us for our Jamestown event.



(we need your Medieval name and bio Miles)

~ Miles works in academic publishing at a major university and lives in Baltimore, MD



  Tracy is one of our favorite new recruits 


Drew is a member of a 16th century group we are very friendly with. He occasionally joins us in the 15th century .