Women’s 15th century Shoes

Women’s shoes should have a pointed toe and be made of leather. The medieval “Turn-shoe” is acceptable but by our time period the “turn welt” construction is most accurate … and of course, more labor intensive and expensive.
Many of our members have more then one pair – a favorite pair and a cheaper pair to be worn in the poor weather. Take good care of your shoes, moisture will allow mold to build up and possibly shrink and harden the leather. We are all so unhappy when we find that we forgot to put our shoes away nicely and discover that they have shrunk and become moldy and hard. After each weekend separate your shoes from your clothing and stuff them with newspaper, wool or cotton. Allow them to air dry out in the open (and not in the dark which mould loves). 
Pattens:  Pattens are a strap-on wooden shoe that sits upon your leather shoe. They are usually made by your shoemaker to fit the shoe you order. You will want them especially in wet weather.  
Leather Colors:  Shades of brown and black are the most common. Oxblood, cordovan and reds are seen as well. 
*** Before you make your purchase please speak to Lara and Steve to confirm that the shoe you have chosen is correct for use within Lord Grey’s retinue. Prices vary from as little as $45 to a few hundred. In most cases – you get what you pay for.                                                               
The best: