Women’s 15th century Hose


image from The Medieval Tailor’s Assistant by Sarah Thursfield

They should be made of 100% wool, pre-shrunk/pre-washed in hot water so they are machine washable later. Many of us prefer a thick plain weave wool (like a plain woven  100% wool flannel) which when washed gets very soft and thick. It keeps the toes nice and warm and gives additional padding under the feet (some of us make the sole part of the foot a double layer of wool for strength and padding) . Others like a thin plain woven “Tropical” weight 100% wool – your choice. Just make sure it is 100% wool for accuracy and the fire protection pure wool offers.
Color:  Stockings are often dark in the research we have so far. Muted colors are fine. Please avoid extremely bright or fluorescent shades of the color you choose (**see the fabric standards page for more advice).
Though they appear simple, getting a proper fit can be a bit tricky. We usually create a pattern for each individual by draping the fabric (on the bias) on the person’s leg itself.  Ask Lara if she has a pattern in your size to borrow or consult pages 108 – 109 of The Medieval Tailor’s Assistant  by Sarah Thursfield for instructions on how to make your stockings. Kannik’s Korner makes an 18th century accessory pattern (KK6001 – Stockings, Pockets & Mitts) which includes a stocking pattern that appears identical to the correct cut for our time. Lara just ordered the pattern to see how it is for our use.                                                         
Or you can buy your wool hose and alter them as needed. Here is a place that sells them:

You will need Garters to hold up your hose :

Garters are worn just below your knee to hold your stockings up. They can be the sort that either ties or buckles (please speak to Steve about which sorts of buckles are correct to buy and where to buy them). The tying variety is the easiest and can be made from scraps of wool. Fancier garters might be made of  woven wool or silk braids (Lara can show you some examples and there are some sellers on etsy who sell lovely inkle woven wool and silk braids – just be careful of your color choices – see the color section of the Fabric standards page please).                                                                                                            
Or you can buy your garters. Here is a place that sells them: