Members of Lord Grey’s Retinue

Stephen Albright, A Gentleman or an Archer.


As a Gentleman, Stephen serves as Lord Grey’s Kitchener. He is responsible for the management of all foodstuffs for the household. He has several properties located mainly in Wessex and Devonshire and has a small manor near the household given to him by Lord Grey for exemplary service.

Stephen tries to balance his duties as Kitchener with seeing to the proper upbringing of his two daughters. His eldest daughter Alice is recently married to a minor knight. This means greater political connections for Stephen and also an increase in property and money. His youngest daughter, Rachel, resides in the household of his oldest friend. The lady of the house is supervising Rachel’s education and teaching her the skills necessary to be a proper Gentlewoman. Although Stephen is a gentleman of modest means he has a few trusted servants to manage his affairs and to take care of his properties.

Stephen also often portrays an archer in the service of Lord Grey.

~ Steve enjoys spending as much time as he can with his awesome teenage daughter. He and Lara (aka Audrey Grenewell, below) are married and reside in Rahway, New Jersey . 

** Steve is a founding member of Lord Grey’s Retinue and the group’s President. 


Audrey Grenewell,  A servant (or local townswoman)

Most often portraying the cook, Audrey has been employed within the household of the Kitchener since she was a young girl. She is proud of her high status position within the household and considers herself most fortunate to have such kind employers.

Lara is a member of Theatrical Wardrobe Union local 764 (NYC area) and makes costumes for film and TV professionally. A costume history enthusiast and collector of antique corsets Lara manages her own business and website  She and Steve (above) are married and they reside in Rahway, New Jersey. 

– Lara is the current Secretary of Lord Grey’s Retinue, manages the website & Facebook pages and provides direction for the group on textiles & clothing of the 15th century.


Alice Albright, Dame Palmer

 As one of the Kitchener’s daughters she expected to lead a life of contemplation in a convent until her sudden and fortuitous betrothal to Sir John Palmer, a minor knight from Sussex. She is a religious and dutiful daughter and wife – but overly fond of fancy clothing.

~ Alexia lives in New York City with her husband Mike (see below). She is a certified gemologist who assists’ auction houses in the appraisal of antique jewelry.

Alexia is the current Treasurer for Lord Grey’s Retinue.



Michael an Archer


Michael smiles when shot by arrows.







William, an Archer

William is an archer with an amazingly bottomless stomach.


~ Will is married to Rachel (see below) and lives in Virginia.




Agnes, a servant (or local townswoman)


Agnes is hired in from a local town on rare occasion.


~ Rachel is a professional book conservator and lives in Virginia with her husband William (above).




Sonia a Household servant


Her specialty is textile arts









Rosemund Grenewell A servant (or local townswoman), …


Rosemund is the daughter of the cook, Audrey. Rosemund was a precocious and independent child who has her heart set on a certain archer.


Vivian is a Teacher residing in New Jersey.







Paul An Archer


The object of Rosemund’s affections




Paul lives in New Jersey




Chris An Archer



Chris is an Archer and an awesome baker.