Events Calendar

Lord Grey’s Retinue participates in three main events annually with occasional additional events added to the calendar.

***If you are interested in participating with us at an event please contact us as early as possible so we might help you acquire/borrow the appropriate clothing and kit to be authentic.


March 17th and 18th, 2018  *Annual Event, every Mid-March*

Military Through The Ages (MTA) at the Jamestown Settlement in Jamestown, Virginia

An annual timeline living history event in which re-enactment groups depicting soldiers and military encounters throughout history join forces with modern-day units to demonstrate camp life, cooking, tactics and weaponry. Pre-registered Living History groups to set up on Friday and pack-up on Sunday after 5pm.

This is a competitive/judged event in which only the most authentic reenactment groups are in attendance. This is a large wonderful event for anyone to come and visit as a member of the public. It is family friendly and there is so much to see. Please stop by Lord Grey Retinue’s encampment and say hello!


April 14th and 15th, 2018 – *Annual Event, every Mid-April*

Living Through The Ages in Patuxent River Park, Maryland

Multi-period living history encampment including re-enactors from 1st c. Romans through 20th c. World War II. Demonstrations include camp and domestic life, cooking, crafts, weaponry, and military drills. This is a wonderful event to visit as a member of the public. Bring the family and stop by our 15th century encampment to say hello! Open to the public on Saturday and Sunday. Pre-registered Living History groups to set up on Friday and pack-up on Sunday eve.


First or second weekend of October, 2018 – *Annual Event, every October*

Medieval days at the Colonial Plantation in Ridley Creek Park in Media, Pennsylvania

An annual Medieval event set on a beautiful 18th century living history flax plantation and farm. The event is held at one of the most beautiful times of year with the cooler weather and leaves turning all the shades of Fall.  Various encampments portray many aspects of Medieval Life. See how five hundred years of European culture thrived and changed. Romans, Saxons, Normans, and Vikings will portray life of this heroic era of Western Civilization. Finally witness the changes that technology made by the late Middle Ages by viewing the 15th century War of the Roses and Irish encampments. There will be long bow demonstrations at 1:00 and 3:00.

Pre-registered Living History groups to set up on Friday and pack-up on Sunday eve.
Open to the public and very family friendly! More information at:
If you would like to portray a 15th century person for the day or the weekend and participate with Lord Grey’s Retinue please e-mail Lara Greene and/or Steve Vaught to make the arrangements. (

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