Becoming a Member

***We are actively recruiting new members*** 

If you are interested, please e-mail ( or stop by one of our events.

We try to make it easy for newcomers to try our group. Join us at one of our events for a day or a weekend and see if it is for you.

For the first few events we have clothing and gear you may borrow. Ideally, months or weeks before an event we would like to meet you and have you try clothing on at our home in Rahway, NJ where all the clothing is stored. If there is no chance to meet in person we will hopefully be able to get clothing together for you based on measurements you would send us.

Measurements we would need are:

  • Height
  • Shoe size
  • Chest circumference
  • Waist circumference (actual measurement – not pant size)
  • Your modern suit or dress size
  • Calf circumference
  • Head circumference

And additionally for Women:

  • Bra size
  • Waist to floor while barefoot – while not looking down (someone has to do this for you)

Our rules about borrowing our clothing and loaner gear:

  • All items borrowed are not to leave the site. Please return them to Lara before you leave.
  • Please be clean and wear underarm deodorant
  • Please confess any damage to the items – we understand things happen

Also, participation in our weekend food plan is optional ($25 – $30 for the weekend). However, the food plan cancellation rules apply to you as it does for any member. You must cancel 7 days before the event begins to not be liable for your share of the food plan cost. This is because we base our shopping budget on how many members say they are participating. We spent your share of the money buying the food. If you do not pay – it comes out of Steve’s pocket.

So you like us, have been to an event or two and want to become a full member? Awesome!!!!!

  •   After 1 year and participation in at least two weekend events the group will vote you in.
  • You are expected to have your basic kit together by your 4th event. (Basic kit is your clothing, a bowl, spoon and a cup.)
  • Our current annual dues is $25 per person


Please contact us or come visit us at one of our events for more details.